Improve: Create Task and Reply to an assigned task

1) Now, we create a task and assign to a person without a link to a file or a discussion thread. When there are many tasks being assigned, it's difficult to track where is the relevant file or action to the assigned task. 

-> If assigning a task to someone related to a file, it's easier and clearer if we can just right-click the file then launch the create task box to assign the task. 

2) Now, in the task box, there is not enough space to show the full title, and the task is not clickable. I don't know who has assigned this task to me. And this activity of "You have been assigned a task of xxxxx" is not shown in the My ACTIVITY page. 

-> Make the task clickable and link to related documents or discussion thread. Show the being assigned activity on the MY ACTIVITY page. And show the accepted action as well. 

3) Don't know the assigned task belongs to which project and sent by who

4) (PERSON BEING ASSIGNED) When I accepted the assigned task, it becomes In progress. Then, I click done. It becomes completed. The activity is not shown in the MY ACTIVITY page. But the status of changing status to complete is shown in the My ACTIVITY page of the person who assign the task. 

-> Better if the activities are shown in both persons activity page. Easier if can link back to the assigned tasks and files.

5) When there is a long list of task, can we categorize?

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  • Jun 16 2017
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  • Admin
    Petja Lepola commented
    June 16, 2017 10:14

    Good stuff. We made the tasks totally generic to start with because we knew that there would be more complex cases. I will create some stories based on this. We are not demoing tasks for JPT but we will polish them when backlog is clean. Maybe even before.

  • Admin
    Petja Lepola commented
    June 16, 2017 16:19

    3 is now fixed. 2 is better when you go to extended view (the square).

  • Guest commented
    June 19, 2017 14:59

    the extended box to see the list of tasks looks good now. Have better idea on all the tasks. 

    Thanks for the quick action. :)